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CommercialMortgage.com is owned by C-Loans, Inc.  C-Loans, Inc. does not offer privacy protection, and we reserve the right to sell and swap the lists we compile. This should not freak you out because, as you will see, we do not gather a whole lot of personal information on CommercialMortgage.com or on any of the other sites powered by C-Loans, Inc.  I guarantee you that the big on-line marketing firms - and even your own cable TV company - know fifty times more about you than we will ever be able to glean from your use of CommercialMortgage.com. In any case, hardly anyone ever offers to buy or swap for our compiled lists.

In compliance with CA B&P Code Sections 22575-22579:

We only collect your contact information, so our commercial lenders can contact you, and enough information to allow us to find the best commercial lender for your property, including the size of the requested loan, the type of commercial loan desired, the type of commercial property that will serve as the collateral for your new loan, a description of the property, a rough idea of your credit qualifications, and a rough estimate of your net worth. We do NOT collect social security numbers, credit card numbers, personal financial statements, nor anything likely to be helpful to someone trying to steal your identity. Your CommercialMortgage.com mini-app is really just a broad outline of your commercial loan needs, rather than a true loan application.

  • Legally we reserve the right to share your information with anyone. We have adopted this policy because we never want to be the subject of a class action lawsuit, if we somehow got hacked. (Even billion dollar corporations, with huge IT budgets, are regularly getting hacked.) As a practical matter, your loan application will rarely be seen by anyone other than potential lenders and a limited number of commercial mortgage brokers wishing to compete for your commercial loan business.


  • Since we do not promise privacy protection at all, it is hard to envision this privacy policy being changed to your detriment; however, in the event of such a change, you would be notified by email using your email address known to us.
  • The effective date of this policy is August 15, 2016.
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