TERMS of use


The web site known as CommercialMortgage.com is owned by C-Loans, Inc.; and it is offered for free to borrowers, mortgage brokers, commercial real estate brokers, and other users.  This is a terrific deal because we provide you with a searchable databank of over 3,000 commercial mortgage lenders - a databank that costs many thousands of dollars per month to maintain.

C-Loans, Inc. also owns the big commercial mortgage portal, C-Loans.com.  If you actually need a commercial mortgage loan right now, you really should immediately go to C-Loans.com and enter your deal.  The hungriest commercial lenders in the country join C-Loans.com because this huge portal generates a ton of deals, and the lenders only have to pay to be listed on C-Loans.com if they actually close a loan.

Interesting note:  Every day a commissioned salesman working for C-Loans, Inc. solicits banks and other commercial real estate lenders to join C-Loans.com.  Those that are hungry to close commercial loans join C-Loans.com   Those that decline are listed on CommercialMortgage.com.  The two databanks of commercial lenders are mutually exclusive.  In other words, no lender listed on C-Loans.com will appear on CommercialMortgage.com, and vice versa.

Because bankers are sleepy, resistant to change, and slow to grasp this “internet thing”, there are actually far more commercial lenders to be found on CommercialMortgage.com than on C-Loans.com   The drawback of CommercialMortgage.com is that there is no way to submit your commercial loan application online to these lenders.  You’ll find a very helpful and very large list of potential lenders on CommercialMortgage.com, but you will have to call them directly and submit your loan manually.  

Perhaps the most important Term of Use is that C-Loans, Inc. is not your mortgage broker, nor your agent. In fact, you hereby specifically agree that we are not your mortgage broker or your agent.  The reason we are so freaky-deaky about this agency thingee is because we will never be there to advise you.  For example, let’s suppose you close a loan, using a commercial lender that you find on CommercialMortgage.com or C-Loans.com, to buy an industrial property.  Now let’s suppose that the industrial property that you buy turns out to be a toxic waste dump, and the EPA orders you to spend $2 million to clean up the property.  Yikes.  We were never there to warn you, “Hey dummy, make sure that you get a Level I or Level II toxic report before you buy this property!”  And the toxic contamination issue is just one of dozens of important issues that need to be addressed and advised upon by a warm, intelligent, and highly-trained commercial real estate agent.  We aren’t that warm body!  Remember, CommercialMortgage.com and C-Loans.com are just dumb computer programs.  In most cases, no one from C-Loans, Inc. will ever even look at your deal.

By using our database, you agree to several other things. First of all, you agree to be contacted by phone, fax, and email by the lenders listed on the C-Loans System. This goes without saying. Occasionally we will look at a deal and say, "Hey, this deal should have been submitted to ABC Bank rather than XYZ Capital." In such cases, on our own motion, we may forward your loan to ABC Bank and probably several other C-Loans lenders. You hereby agree to allow us to do this. In addition, you hereby authorize us to sell your lead to up to six commercial mortgage brokers, who you hereby authorize to contact you by phone, fax, and email.  You also agree to be contacted by C-Loans. Inc., or by my other company, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation (est.  1980), by by phone, fax or email, to offer you commercial mortgage financing.   

You also agree to be solicited by C-Loans, Inc. and her related / affiliated companies; including, but not limited to, Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, regularly by phone, fax, and email regarding doing future business together.  Mortgage brokers and commercial real estate brokers can expect to be solicited regularly by email.  In the future we intend to start soliciting wealthy commercial real estate investors regularly for new commercial mortgage deals, but as of right now (8/2016), we have not yet gotten around to that.

“Okay George, nothing you have written so far freaks me out, but I still don’t understand how you make any dough from CommercialMortgage.com.”

CommercialMortgage.com generates a lot of commercial mortgage leads, and a certain number of them will be a good fit for Blackburne & Sons’ private money commercial mortgages.  This is where we will make a little dough.  In addition, C-Loans, inc. will meet new commercial mortgage brokers, commercial real estate brokers, and wealthy commercial real estate investors using this site because they used CommercialMortgage.com.  Important note:  While a disinterested loan officer for Blackburne & Sons may quickly scan your commercial lender search / loan application on CommercialMortgage.com, no one from any of my companies will be contacting you to warn you how to keep your tush out of trouble!   You should assume that no one will ever even look at your loan need, and even if they do, they have no responsibility or training to advise you.  We are not your agent!  Agreed?

Enduring our first advertising email is your cost of using CommercialMortgage.com.  You cannot "opt-out" of our first advertising email.  After the first solicitation, you will be provided with email address whereby you can opt out. But you will probably want to stay on our marketing lists. Most of our customers would agree they are hilarious and sometimes fascinating. We always include tons of jokes and interesting stories in our advertising pieces. This is why we insist that you at least see one of our marketing pieces before opting out. If this freaks you out, simply do not use CommercialMortgage.com the first first time. But you shouldn't be freaked out. This is all good, clean business and fun.

We do not offer privacy protection on CommercialMortgage.com, and we reserve the right to sell and swap the lists we compile. Once again, this should not freak you out because, as you will see, we do not gather a whole lot of personal information on CommercialMortgage.com. I guarantee you that the big on-line marketing firms - and even your own cable TV company - knows fifty times more about you than we will be able to glean from your use of CommercialMortgage.com.  In any case, hardly no one ever offers to buy or swap for our compiled lists.

Finally, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold C-Loans, Inc.; its officers; its directors; its employees; its agents; its related / affiliated companies and its marketing partners; harmless in connection with any claims or causes of action related to, or arising out of, any dispute between the borrower, mortgage broker and/or lender regarding application fees, commitment fees, third party reports, loan commitments and/or up-front fees of any kind.

While C-Loans, Inc. works hard to screen out advance fee scammers, bad people - despite our hard efforts to police the system - still occasionally slip through. C-Loans, Inc. therefore makes no warranty as to the legitimacy or honesty of any commercial lender or mortgage broker appearing on CommercialMortgage.com. Therefore, please be sure to do your own due diligence, and please be sure to carefully read any term sheets, conditional commitment letters, and/or loan broker fee agreements to determine in advance under what circumstances you are entitled to a refund of any advance fees, good faith deposits and/or third party reports. If something smells fishy - such as a generous loan offer at a rate almost too good to be true - please contact Tom Blackburne at 916-338-3232 or tommy@blackburne.com before sending in a large up-front fee.

Please don't let this legal mumbo-jumbo scare you. C-Loans, Inc. is the sister company of Blackburne & Sons Realty Capital Corporation, a well-known private money commercial mortgage company that has been in business for over 36 years. For almost three decades we have managed tens of millions of dollars in mortgage investments for elderly private investors. We're reliable, steady-Eddy folks.

Thank you for being a customer of CommercialMortgage.com. If you need a commercial mortgage loan, after using our system for the first time, you are going to feel like you have stumbled into commercial mortgage loan heaven. As you will soon see, the CommercialMortgage.com is a fabulous tool. Prepare to drool.

Warm Regards,
George Blackburne, III, Esq.
4811 Chippendale Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95841
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